Flux Pen – 10ml


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  • Brand new
  • Product name: Soldering Flux Pen
  • Model: 951
  • Capacity: 10ml



  • Flux has to facilitate the flow of solder by reducing the surface tension of parent metal and preventing re-oxidization through blocking the air after promptly removing oxide film from parental metal and covering the surface.
  • Low Solids Content for practically no residue.
  • 10ml pen applicator with specially designed felt tip.
  • Compatible with lead and lead-free solders.
  • Non-corrosive tack-free residues.
  • Superior fluxing ability.
  • Improves soldering performance.
  • For rework and touch-up of SMT, SMD, and through hole solder joints.
  • Ideal used for solar cell panel.
  • Suitable for automotive, computer, telecom.


How to Use:

  • Depress time to start flux flow.
  • Keep cap on when not in use.


Package included:

  • 1pc x 951 Flux Pens


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