EIBOS – Polyphemus Filament Drier with 3Kg upgrade


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Regular Heating VS Rotating Heating
For Regular Heating, there is a temperature difference of 36℃ between the spool near the heating port and the spool far from the heating port. Othe other hand, for Rotating Heating, the temperature difference between different direction is only 1℃.

Automatic Humidity Control Function
When heating is not required, you can activate the humidity mode and freely set the desired humidity level. The system will automatically activate the heating to regulate the internal humidity according to the set value. This ensures that the filament is always ready for printing.

Regarding Fire Safety
Similar to Cyclopes and Easdry, Polyphemus also utilizes the safer PTC heating element. Without fan cooling, the internal temperature can only rise to approximately 200℃, which is safer compared to PI heating elements that can potentially cause open flames. Additionally, all the external casings of Polyphemus are made from the highest fire resistance grade material, V0 level.

Furthermore, the system has real time monitoring of the internal fan. In the event of a fan failure, the system will automatically trigger an alarm and shut down. Safety is our top priority when it comes to this product.


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